Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display.

KettyBot continues the minimalist design concept of Pudu Technology. The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body allow the robot to go through clearance of only 55cm, making it an ideal choice in complex and crowded environments.


New Sleek Design.

KettyBot showcases a sleek, improved design, also including a laser & visual dual navigation solution helps to detect obstacles more accurately, making the robot safer.

Marketing Expert on Wheels.

Centered ad display perfectly adapts to the customer’s angle of view. The ad display can display promotional materials in the customized zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.

AI Voice Interaction.

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers by waking up its screen. Such a cute and smart KettyBot would obviously draw more attention than the traditional approach!

A Dedicated Usher.

The removable rear cover of KettyBot features a minimalist, streamlined design that makes it more compact. With autonomous path planning, the robot can lead customers to their tables on the best possible path, providing an improved customer experience and reduced waiter workload.

Multi-Table Delivery.

Multiple tables can be served in one run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning. Achieve more with less!

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