A Universal Delivery Robot – Relay of classic.

The newly upgraded delivery robot from Pudu Robotics, inherits excellent features and functions from PuduBot.

PuduBot 2 is accelerating the overall robot development with higher performance, better functional extendability, environmental adaptability and reliability in use.

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PuduBot 2

Key Features.

  • Significantly improved obstacle-crossing capability

  • Adapt to different road surfaces with a 30% improvement in moving stability

  • A newly upgraded suspension system which provides smooth mobility, even on bumpy roads and surfaces

  • Automatically charges itself at a set time, or when the battery level falls below a custom threshold

  • A 33% increase in load capacity and a 16% improvement in energy utilisation

  • Environmental features in full view with 360 degree sensing

  • Comfortable operation even in high ceiling environments up to 20 meters high

  • With realtime environmental perception, you get the ability to adapt to complex and dynamic scenarios

  • A 6x longer battery means PudoBot 2 can operate up to 24 hours on just a 3 hour charge

  • Effectively resists dust and liquids by using a fully enclosed machine design

Why Choose a PudoBot 2?

With multi-robot collaboration, you can dispatch up to 20 robots in one environment, ensuring swift deliveries for your business.

Our versatile accessories can cater to your specific requirements, while custom stickers and voice packs provide unique branding opportunities. From restaurants to hospitals, offices to retail, PudoBot 2 covers multiple industries and scenarios.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our way of life and production. Many businesses, across various industries, have implemented contact-free delivery to ensure the safe transfer of items. With PudoBot 2, you can rest assured knowing that our advanced contact-free delivery system addresses these concerns.

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PuduBot 2

Product Overview.

Dimension 580mm * 535mm * 1290mm
Machine Weight 37kg
Tray Size 500mm * 432mm
Single Tray Load Maximum 13kg
Maximum Loads 40kg
Battery Life 10h ~ 24h
Charging Time 3h
Path Clearance 80cm
Cruise Speed 0.5m/s ~ 1.2m/s
Obstacle Negotiation Height 10mm
Climbing Angle ≤5°
Positioning Method VSLAM & Laser SLAM
Dispatching Maximum 20
Charging Wire or Automatic

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