A new intelligent, commercial cleaning robot.

The PUDU CC1 is a game-changer in cleaning automation, offering unparalleled stability, efficiency, and superior cleaning quality.

Businesses can enjoy reduced recruitment, training, and management costs, while also mitigating employee injuries and absences.

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Key Features.

  • Sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming or mopping; all your cleaning needs can be easily met with one machine

  • Modular component design means accessories such as side brush, roller brush or mopping sweeper can be loaded or unloaded within a minute

  • Perfect for a variety of indoor floors of different materials and hardness

  • Using multi-fusion sensors, it can stop at any angle and move away instantly when encountering obstacles

  • If a cleaning task is let uncomplete due to low power, the robot can remember and resume previous unfinished tasks after recharging

  • 15L clean water tank with a 17L waste water tank which automatically fills and drains the water at the workstation

  • Automatic recharging means your robot will return to the charging pile when the power is low

  • Ultimate edge cleaning (< 6cm edge to edge)

Why Choose the PUDU CC1?

This cutting-edge machine can cater to a wide range of cleaning requirements. The modular design allows for quick and effortless attachment of accessories, ensuring seamless transitions between different cleaning tasks.

Intelligent features, such as task memory and automatic recharging, guarantee uninterrupted and efficient cleaning performance. Utilising the positioning system, the CC1 supports advanced navigation solutions, enabling it to operate effectively in complex environments.

Remote operation via the app provides real-time monitoring of its work status. Receive instant notifications for cleaning performance metrics and access digitalised cleaning reports for more in-depth insights.

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Product Overview.

Dimension 663mm * 568mm * 682mm
Machine Weight 60kg
Sweeping Width 500mm
Scrubbing Width 400mm
Water Tank Capacity Clean Water Tank 15L and Waster Water Tank 17L
Charging Time < 4h
Run-time Max 9h
Cleaning Efficiency 700m²/h – 1000m²/h
Cleaning Operating Noise < 70dB
Cruise Speed Max 1.2m/s
Local Interaction 10.1-inch touch screen
Positioning Method Visual + Laser Positioning

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